About us.

Gigareef is a web/app development shop that focuses on client service. While a lot of other developers are difficult to work with, don’t communicate well, and misunderstand requirements, Gigareef excels at translating ideas into functional apps/websites. We take client services very seriously and always make sure we are delivering something our clients are happy with.

things we're good at

Delivering High Quality work that meets client needs

Communicating Progress

Managing Expectations

Flexibility to Client Preferences

Agile Development Process

What we do

When we work with you on a project, we get a detailed understanding of your needs and figure out the best technology to use. Think of Gigareef as your digital paintbrush – you think of stuff, and we help you do it. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way, so you can spend your lunch breaks deciding how you feel about sushi burritos, rather than struggling to update your website.


Cider In Love
WW Weight Watchers
The DeFi Report
Wellness Roundtable
Verizon Fios
NFL Extra Points
Golf Spot

Let’s make magic

Shoot us a message and let us know what kind of website or app you’re looking for, so we can help you realize your vision.