Cider in Love is a marketplace platform dedicated to bringing fine heritage cider to the masses by connecting independent hard cider makers with consumers. Think Etsy, but for hard cider.

Our client, entrepreneur Annie B, envisioned an ecommerce marketplace platform where a customer could checkout with ciders from multiple cideries in a single cart experience. She asked Gigareef to build it.

Annie wanted the final product to be content-centric and seamlessly integrate available ciders into that content, so we used WordPress at the core along with WooCommerce and then layered on a plethora of custom features to meet the needs of the platform. Some key features of the platform include:

  • Etsy-like payment division between customers and Cideries on the platform using Stripe Connect
  • Cidery sign-up flow
  • Shipping fulfillment management
  • Purchase restrictions based on zip code
  • Full blog with product and Cidery integration
  • Lightning-fast predictive search
  • Off-platform order tracker
  • Tax report generation
  • Cider Rating System


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