Tipico, a leader in sports betting and casino games, engaged Gigareef in collaboration with the creative agency Born & Raised to develop a unified blog site. The platform, named "The Field" for sports and "Hot Streak" for casino content, was designed to engage a diverse audience while maintaining a cohesive look and feel.

Our challenge was to construct a site that could seamlessly manage dual-themed content and provide the Tipico team with the flexibility to update content as needed. We implemented a robust system of categorization, featured capabilities, and varied landing page layouts to keep the content dynamic and engaging.

To enhance site functionality, we integrated a sophisticated ads management system for efficient ad placement and monetization. Additionally, we developed a custom data ingestion tool tailored to Tipico's specific needs, ensuring that the platform could handle continuous and automated content updates effectively.

Key features delivered include:

  • Advanced categorization and featuring capabilities
  • Varied and dynamic landing page layouts
  • Seamless ads management system across the site
  • Custom data ingestion tool for automated content updates
  • Flexible backend for easy updates by the Tipico team