The DeFi Report stands at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, offering cutting-edge research, market insights, and comprehensive analysis of business models and value accrual across the public blockchain and Web3 tech stack.

They needed a dynamic platform to publish their findings and engage with an audience eager for deep Web3 knowledge. The challenge was twofold: provide real-time, accessible insights and integrate with their existing digital ecosystem to enhance content delivery and user interaction.

Gigareef responded by developing a robust solution using a NextJS App deployed on Vercel for optimal performance and scalability. The unique aspect of this project was integrating a custom API with beehiiv, a premier newsletter service. This integration automatically converts each newsletter "post" into a fully-fledged article on the DeFi Report site, ensuring seamless content updates and maximum engagement.

To support a growing database of research and insights, we implemented a highly-efficient backend system using Planetscale, known for its robustness and scalability. Additionally, Sanity CMS was integrated to manage site content, providing a flexible and intuitive system for the client to keep the site’s data fresh and relevant.

Our close collaboration with the client ensured that every technological decision made was tailored to their long-term strategic goals. The DeFi Report is not just a hub for data but a beacon for future growth in the DeFi community, paving the way for expanded features and greater market engagement.

By merging sophisticated technology with a deep understanding of digital content strategy, Gigareef has positioned The DeFi Report as a pivotal resource in the Web3 ecosystem, ready to adapt and thrive as the technology evolves.

Key features delivered include:

  • Real-time API integration with beehiiv for dynamic content delivery.
  • Scalable database architecture with Planetscale to handle extensive datasets.
  • Customizable content management with Sanity CMS, empowering the client to maintain control over website updates.
  • A platform built for scalability and future growth, aligning with the client’s long-term business objectives.